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Martini Mortgage Podcast

May 20, 2021

Certified Mortgage Advisor, Kevin Martini, hosts episode 119 of the Martini Mortgage Podcast which is titled: “5 Powerful Reasons to Own a Home”.

There is nothing wrong with renting and there is a time to rent however that time is not now when you consider the 5 Kevin Martini Powerful Reasons to Own a Home that are shared in this episode.  Perfect credit is needed and large down payment is required are just a couple of the fairy tales that are preventing people from getting involved in homeownership and experiencing the the powerful reason to own a home.  

The 5 reason that will be discussed in detail with feature and benefit are: 

1- You are paying for housing whether you rent or own.

2- Housing is one of the only leveraged investments available today.

3- Owning a home is usually a form of forced savings. 

4- There may be substantial tax benefits to owning a home.

5- Owning a home is a hedge against inflation.  

Is owning a home right for you and your family?  I do not know but what I do know is one should make the decision based on facts if homeownership is right for them.  The fact finding journey starts with a clear understanding of the 5 Powerful Reasons to Own a Home.

“In my professional opinion owning a home has been and will always be better from a financial standpoint than renting”. Kevin Martini 

For more information about homeownership and about secure the right mortgage visit or call Kevin Martini who is a  Certified Mortgage Advisor and Producing Branch Manager of the Martini Group at Cardinal Financial Company,

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