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Martini Mortgage Podcast


Certified Mortgage Advisor and Raleigh mortgage broker Kevin Martini has been an innovator in transforming the way that the consumer looks at their mortgage lending relationship. Since 2006, Kevin Martini and his Group of talented mortgage professionals have provided a level of value to the families that is not common in the mortgage business.


The Martini Mortgage Podcast is curated to simply and effectively communicate current opportunities and challenges in the real estate and mortgage arena that not just homebuyers and homeowners need to know but also Realtor need to know. 


Enjoy :)


Kevin Martini | NMLS 143962 | Certified Mortgage Advisor | Martini Mortgage Group at Gold Star Mortgage Financial Group, Corporation | NMLS # 3446 | 507 N Blount St, Raleigh, NC 27604 | (919) 238-4934 | | | Equal Housing Lender