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Martini Mortgage Podcast

Nov 12, 2022

Inflation, the unprecedented rise of mortgage rates, news about inventory increased are just a few of the topic to be shared in special video and audio edition of a monthly series from the Martini Mortgage Group that is are calling ‘What is going on in November 2022’

Kevin Martini is not just the host of the Martini Mortgage Podcast…he is the founder of the Martini Mortgage Group; Producing Branch Manager, a Raleigh mortgage broker and a Certified Mortgage Advisor (NMLS 143962) with Gold Stat Mortgage (NMLS 3446); and a husband to a magnificent lady who was his high school sweetheart; a father of 2 amazing men;  a son to tremendous parents;  a grandfather to a beautiful grandchild; a loyal friend; a trusted and experienced mortgage advisor to the families he serves.

Kevin Martini | NMLS 143962 | Certified Mortgage Advisor | Martini Mortgage Group at Gold Star Mortgage Financial Group, Corporation | NMLS # 3446 | 507 N Blount St, Raleigh, NC 27604 | (919) 238-4934 | | | Equal Housing Lender