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Martini Mortgage Podcast

Jul 12, 2022

Headlines often mislead people into thinking something that may or may not be true.  Right now there is a lot of headlines about death real estate and unaffordable mortgage rates since inflation is high and there is potential recession coming or worse, we are in a recession. Recession are part of the economic cycle and there is proven history on what happens before, during and after a recession with mortgage rates and real estate. The loudest voice who has written the obituary on real estate and mortgage rates is an idiot. When you go beyond the headline and into the data you will find that now is the time to marry your home and date your rate.

In this special episode of the Martini Mortgage Podcast, Raleigh mortgage broker and Certified Mortgage Advisor Kevin Martini share the factual data why real estate is green and growing not ripe and rotten.  

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